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Doll Artist/ Sculptress



Art has always been in my life for as long as I can remember. My mother is an artist and I watched her paint  and sketch all of the time.


I have drawn since I was very small and progressed into painting statues. Fifteen years ago I re~ painted my first fashion doll. All the while saying how much I would love to create my own doll one day. I taught myself to sculpt fantasy sculptures such as mermaids and fairies... I love sculpting... but would love to have some of my work to be able to pose and express emotion through movement.. so I started my long journey to learn how to make Ball jointed dolls as they are the most mobile. It has taken me countless hours studying and testing my dolls so they look fluid when posing. I am still on this journey and dont think it will ever stop as I always challenge myself with my art.


To add beauty to my dolls, I dress my dolls in amazing ensembles that are hand made by my sister Shari Depp. We work really well together and are surprised sometimes on what is created when the two of us combine our imagination!


You can purchase my dolls and her ensembles and props via our Etsy store and through Ebay. I take custom orders, so if you are interested in discussing a special doll or sculpt.. just email me!






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